Eating well with the Dinner Belles means feeling safe about shopping here and eating our mealsEating well with the Dinner Belles means feeling safe about shopping here and eating our meals

Keeping Our Customers Safe and Well-Fed

Plenty of folks have been confused or curious about the safety of prepared food, and even groceries. At the Dinner Belles Kitchen Cupboard, we are working to keep our customers safe.

In our community, food handlers are trained in proper safety and hygiene procedures. Federal, state, and local regulations mandate everything: from the location of handwashing sinks the frequency of work-surface sanitization, temperature of foods, etc. We are following all of these guidelines. While grocery stores have larger inventories, smaller stores and restaurants like DBKC have fewer customers, which lowers the odds of running into infected people and contaminated surfaces. Experts suggest:

  • Use curb service and delivery if you can (we offer both).
  • Go at off-peak hours to avoid crowds (we are rarely crowded).
  • Keep your distance in line, at least 6 feet away from the person in front of you, and gently request that anyone behind you follow the same rule, for everyone's safety. (If you see more than one family group in the shop, you might want to wait until they leave to enter.)
  • Wash your hands when you get home and if possible, use a hand sanitizer after leaving the store and before touching the door to your vehicle or home (we offer sanitizer at our check-out, and routinely clean doors and handles after use).
  • Use touchless pay systems (we have enabled these systems, including online ordering).

 We hope this information has been helpful. For a deeper dive into these topics, click here.

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